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【official website】nongda biochemical successfully held a special promotion meeting for litchi series products-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-05-21
on january 9, 2016, zhengzhou nongda biochemical held a special promotion meeting for litchi series products in haikou. nearly 100 end retail customers and farmers from wenchang east road, haikou participated in the meeting.
at the meeting, xu general of science and technology 110 east road service station, shared the sales cases of "zhengzhou nongda biochemical" brand products in hainan, explained to customers with examples, so that you can more truly feel the advantages and effects of "zhengzhou nongda biochemical" brand products. in the process of product technical explanation, according to the litchi planted in haikou area, wang zhenjiang technicians focused on the use methods and effects of nongda biochemical litchi series products, matters needing attention and the use mode of set meals. through the convening of the promotion meeting, let the farmer friends present fully understand the zhengzhou nongda biochemical group company, and also understand the basic characteristics and advantages of our litchi series products, so that our technology can really go on, and provide help and services for you.

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