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registration certificate no: agricultural fertilizer (2012) linzi 6602
implementation criteria: ny1107-2010
technical indicators: n p2o5 k2o (> 50.0%)
product characteristics:
this product is formulated from international high-end imported products, and added special effect additives and te packages, making the product excellent. it contains a large number of water-soluble elements, weight elements and chelating trace elements to meet the needs of plants in the growth process of a variety of nutrients. water-soluble chelated trace element composition, 100% water-soluble, no residue, no clogging nozzle, no damage to fertilizer equipment, super high absorptivity, can reduce dosage and increase fertilizer efficiency. it does not contain harmful elements such as heavy metals and chloride ions. it is safe for plants and environmentally friendly.
functional characteristics:
1. it can rapidly replenish the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements needed by crops and promote the flow of cell protoplasm.
2. quick effect, 24 hours can see a significant improvement in crop traits;
3. the effect of green leaves and color enhancement is remarkable.
usage method:
lawn, flowers, seedlings, etc., diluted 500 times foliar spraying or root irrigation.
matters needing attention:
1. when using this product for the first time, please keep a small piece of control and do a comparative test.
2. leaf spraying should be carried out in the morning or evening. it should be re-sprayed if rain occurs within six hours.
3. avoid mixing with strong alkali pesticides.
4. keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
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