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nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (> 5%), organic matter (> 45%) and biological function bacteria (> 400 million/g)
product description:
cuiping organic fertilizer is rich in a large number of active bacteria, which is a new type of multi-functional fertilizer. it has the functions of fixing nitrogen, dissolving phosphorus, dissolving potassium and activating soil, thus promoting the absorption and utilization of n, p., k and trace elements in soil by crops. it is rich in organic matter, humic acid and various trace elements needed by crops, loosening soil, improving soil fertility, enhancing soil water and fertility conservation, etc. it is the best fertilizer for all kinds of lawns, flowers, forages and gardens to absorb nutrients, improve the utilization of fertilizers, improve the stress resistance and prolong the life of plants.
functional characteristics:
1. supplementing soil organic matter, improving soil properties, increasing aggregate structure, enhancing aeration and water and fertilizer conservation capacity, regulating soil acidity and alkalinity, and restoring soil vitality;
2. the product has stable performance, long-lasting fertilizer effect, and promotes the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and enzymatic synthesis.
3. alleviate pesticide and fertilizer residues in soil, promote the healthy growth of crops, and improve the resistance of crops to diseases, pests and stresses.
usage method:
lawn, flowers and other crops, 120-160 kg per mu, spraying;
seedlings, 1-2 kg per plant, 15-20 cm around the tree;
according to the difference of soil and crop varieties, the amount of fertilizer application and topdressing should be adjusted appropriately.
matters needing attention:
the product is inoculated with beneficial bacteria, and the fertilizer is evenly mixed with the soil or irrigated with soil mulching.
it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid dampness and sun exposure.
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