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strong rooting, multiple roots and strong roots
seedling rearing, rooting, cutting, rooting, flower seedling transplantation, turf transplantation and seed soaking
specification: 20g/bag *200 bags/box
500g/bottle x 20 bottles/box
formulation: powder and water
product efficacy:
1. induce adventitious root formation or adventitious bud formation, regulate plant metabolic intensity, accelerate branch cutting rooting, improve survival rate;
2. promote the growth of the main root system, strengthen the plant and improve the stress resistance.
applicable crops:
all kinds of flowers, seedlings, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco, medicinal materials and field crops.
usage method:
1000-1500 double fluid
root drench
800 double fluid
dipping roots
600 double fluid
soaking seeds
3000 double fluid

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