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specification: 250 g/bag *40 bag/barrel formulation: granules
product characteristics:
this product is developed by zhengzhou nongda biochemical group company and huazhong agricultural university for the physiological characteristics of rice. this product combines plant growth retardant and accelerator organically, and adds cell permeability factor and vigorous control factor to effectively solve the problems of crazy growth, lodging and premature senescence of rice.
this product is also rich in essential zinc elements and various large and medium trace elements in rice. it can quickly supplement various nutrient elements in the process of plant growth and promote rice photosynthesis. this product is granule. it is easy to mix well with other fertilizers or soil to achieve maximum utilization efficiency. this product contains a large number of microbial enzymes, which can improve the fertilizer utilization rate and significantly improve the yield and quality of crops.
function and efficacy:
quick turning green: promote root growth, increase white roots, can make nutrients quickly absorbed, so that rice leaves quickly turning green.
promoting tillering: promoting effective tillering, each tiller can increase by 2-3.
controlling vigorous growth: controlling vigorous growth of rice effectively, shortening internode spacing and making leaves thick green.
lodging resistance: after using this product, the root system of rice is developed, the internode spacing is shortened, the stem is strong, and the toughness of the stem is increased, so as to improve the lodging resistance of rice.
maintaining and increasing yield: after using this product, rice leaves are thick green, chlorophyll content is increased, photosynthesis is promoted, premature senescence is prevented, grain filling is promoted and 1000-grain weight is increased. yield per mu can be increased by more than 30%.
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