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【official website】single elements boron, zinc and molybdenum-凯时娱乐ks

specification: 30g/bag * 200 bags/box formulation: powder
product characteristics:
1. effective prevention of crop flowers but not flowers, cotton buds but not flowers, peanut shells, fruit trees and vegetables less flowers, no fruit, fruit drop and other phenomena.
2. promote pollen germination, pollen tube formation and elongation (increase fruit setting rate, reduce malformed fruit)
3. promote the transport of calcium, sugar and plant endogenous hormones (greatly increase yield and improve quality)
4. promote cell division and development, prevent growth point necrosis (promote the formation of new roots and buds)
5. promoting the formation of chitin in cell wall and enhancing the resistance to stress (improving the taste and luster of fruits)
usage method:
spraying 500-700 times diluted solution before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. is the best. if it rains within 6 hours after spraying, it should be sprayed again. leaves, stems, flowers and fruits sprayed evenly. according to article 24 of the measures for the administration of fertilizer registration, single trace element fertilizers are exempted from registration.
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