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specification: 1000g/bottle *12 bottles/box 200g/bottle *30 bottles/box 30g *400 bags/box formulation: water agent
product characteristics:
1. high content, adequate nutrition, comprehensive nutrition supplement: this product is a new type of multi-element, super-concentrated liquid fertilizer, which provides all kinds of nutrients necessary for different growth stages of crops. it not only meets the needs of early nutritional growth, but also has the effect of promoting flowering, setting and expanding fruit in the flowering and fruit period, and ensures healthy and robust growth throughout the process.
2. high utilization rate and long effective period: the total content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in high concentration concentrated liquid fertilizer is over 65%, which has 100% solubility; its utilization rate and fertilizer efficiency are 4-5 times as high as that of conventional base fertilizer and flushing fertilizer.
3. promoting roots and strengthening plants and resisting diseases: promoting the development of roots, making roots more, deeper and stronger, and rapidly absorbing water and nutrients in soil; benefiting the protection of soil beneficial bacteria, avoiding soil consolidation and salinization caused by the cumulative use of chemical fertilizers, and reducing the adverse effects of continuous cropping on vegetable cultivation.
4. improving quality and early market: adding biological regulators such as amino-oligosaccharides can effectively promote cell division, increase fruit setting rate, promote the accumulation of sugar and amino acids, increase single fruit weight, increase taste, significantly improve appearance, color and taste, accelerate natural ripening of fruits, go to market earlier, prolong picking period, and really increase yield and income.
applicable crops: cucumber, tomato, pepper, beans and other vegetables, strawberry, watermelon, potatoes, fruit trees and other cash crops, as well as soybean, corn, wheat, rice and other field crops.
use time:
this product is suitable for all vegetable growing periods. it is recommended to spray continuously at intervals of 10-20 days.
1. spraying: dilute 600-800 times liquid, spray evenly on the leaf.
2. spraying: diluted 400-600 times.
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