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specification: 30 sets/barrel
product description:
this product is specially designed for increasing peanut production according to peanut physiological growth characteristics and fertilizer requirements. it integrates nutrition, regulation and sterilization. it contains strong rooting, cell division, expansion and growth control elements, as well as potassium, boron, zinc, calcium, molybdenum, amino acids and other nutrients necessary for peanut growth. it can rapidly promote root growth, significantly enhance the ability of phosphorus and nitrogen fixation, strengthen green leaves and trees, promote needle-setting fruit, regulate the rational transport of nutrients on the plant, prevent premature senescence and defoliation of peanut, enlarge the fruit, plump grains, and significantly increase 1000-grain weight. at the same time, it has a good control effect on peanut leaf spot, rust, stem rot, root rot, sclerotinia and other common diseases. after using, the quality and yield of peanut increased significantly.
usage and dosage:
each package of this product is first dissolved with a small amount of water and then mixed into mother liquor, then 15-30 kg of water, sprayed evenly on one mu of land; 2-3 times in a growth cycle of peanuts is the best.
use time and efficacy:
seedling stage-early flowering stage: strong trees, green leaves, control of dead seedlings and rotten roots
after using this product, peanut green leaves and strong roots are promoted, root growth is accelerated, rhizobium quality and quantity are increased, chlorophyll content is increased, zinc, boron, iron, molybdenum and other nutrient elements are supplemented, nutrient absorption and nitrogen fixation capacity of roots are increased, and special bactericidal and synergistic components are contained, which can effectively prevent weak yellow leaves, dead seedlings and rotten roots, and prevent repeated stubbles; flower bud differentiation is promoted and blossom quantity is increased;
flowering end-needle stage (with nongda short and harvested or used to control madness): controlling vigorous growth and promoting flowering and needling
using this product can completely supplement the various nutrients necessary for peanut growth, control the growth of peanut, promote each other, promote the transfer of vegetative growth to reproductive growth, make the plant strong, photosynthetic capacity strong, promote needling, increase the number of needles and pods;
pod-setting period-fruit-expanding period: preventing premature senescence, fruit-expanding and increasing production of this product contains specific plant cell active ingredients, effectively prolonging stem and leaf function time, preventing leaf spot and rust, improving peanut resistance, preventing premature senescence of deciduous leaves, ensuring the maturity of living stalks; supplementing nutrition, promoting nutrient accumulation, expanding fruits and filling grains, significantly improving yield and quality.
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