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【official website】please note that! at the end of june, all the pesticides purchased in these areas need real-凯时娱乐ks

publisher:农达生化release time:2019-06-25
abstract: recently, zhejiang provincial agricultural and rural department issued the notice on further accelerating the implementation of pesticide real-name purchase, which calls for effective measures, intensified efforts and accelerated progress to ensure fu

recently, zhejiang provincial agricultural and rural department issued the notice on further accelerating the implementation of pesticide real-name purchase, which calls for effective measures, intensified efforts and accelerated progress to ensure full coverage of pesticide real-name purchases by the end of june. 100% of pesticide stores are equipped with agricultural information supervision system. 100% set up record purchase and sale account.
"notice" pointed out that all localities should build a comprehensive "certificate purchase, store records, platform summary, department supervision" mechanism, implement pesticide purchasers to purchase pesticides with valid certificates, operate stores to record truthfully the names, quantities, dates of purchasers, sales of pesticides and production enterprises, and county-level agricultural supervision informatization. the platform is regularly summarized, and the regulatory authorities organize daily special supervision and law enforcement inspection. operating stores that have installed the information system of agricultural supervision shall record the purchase and sale information in the system; those that have not yet been installed shall be recorded by uniformly printed records in the county. recording account information should be comprehensive, accurate and standardized, and be properly preserved as a pesticide management file. we should speed up the implementation of the information system of agricultural supervision and expedite the realization of electronic accounting records.
"notice" emphasizes that we should strengthen the management of the source of pesticide management, strict the conditions of pesticide license, and do a good job in controlling the quantity and improving the quality of pesticide stores. we will encourage the development of pesticide chain operations, standardize store operations and implement unified management. we should vigorously cultivate social service organizations such as plant protection cooperatives, expand the scope of integrated pest control and green control, increase the proportion of service organizations and large households to buy pesticides, and reduce the demand of small farmers to buy pesticides. we will increase financial subsidies and increase the enthusiasm of agricultural operators and pesticide stores to implement the pesticide real-name system.
"notice" requires that all localities should increase publicity and guidance, organize special training, so as to achieve full coverage of pesticide stores, full notification of pesticide owners, and full awareness of agricultural operators. we should strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, organize pesticide stores to sign real-name purchase commitments for pesticides, and encourage buyers to show valid certificates on their own initiative. we should strengthen the guidance of classification, take specific guidance measures one by one, provide service one by one, implement it one by one, complete one sales number one, upgrade one label one. we should strengthen supervision and inspection and organize special supervision.
it is understood that the purchase of pesticides in zhejiang province under the real-name system is progressing in an orderly manner. although the implementation time varies from place to place, from today on, buy pesticides or take valid identity cards with you.
special reminder
in the future, when purchasing pesticide products, farmers need to provide personal identification or other authentic and valid certificates, and explain the actual use, otherwise the pesticide business units will not sell.
all pesticide stores should carefully check and faithfully register the information of the purchaser's name, id card number, address, contact method, pesticide name, specification, quantity and use, and ask the purchaser to sign for confirmation. purchasing pesticide records with high toxicity and limited use must be kept on file for more than two years. when purchasing pesticide stores, it is necessary to examine the legitimacy of pesticide product qualification, carefully check product packaging, and confirm that the products have pesticide registration certificate, pesticide production (operation) license, product quality inspection certificate and information code (two-dimensional code).
pesticide operators will be severely punished for these actions!
1. pesticides without registration certificate shall be re-registered if they fail to apply for renewal within the time limit as stipulated in the measures for the administration of pesticide registration. if the period of validity has not been extended, the ministry of agriculture and rural areas shall cancel the registration certificate of pesticides, which is also without the registration certificate of pesticides. according to the provisions of the regulations, it shall be recognized as false pesticides. operating counterfeit pesticides will bear the following legal liabilities:
1. to order the suspension of business operations;
2. confiscation of illegal income, pesticides and tools and equipment used for illegal operation;
3. if the value of illegally operated pesticides is less than 10,000 yuan, a fine of between 5,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan shall be imposed, and the value of the pesticides shall be more than 10,000 yuan, and a fine of between 5 times and 10 times of the value of the pesticides shall be imposed.
2. purchase and sale of pesticides without quality inspection certificate (which may be manufactured but not accompanied by the goods) according to article 57 of the regulations on pesticide administration, order correction, confiscate illegal income and pesticides operated illegally, and impose a fine of 5000-50000 yuan; those who refuse to make corrections shall revoke their business licenses. 。
3. according to article 58 of the regulations on pesticide management, if a pesticide operator commits any of the following acts, the competent agricultural department of the local people's government at or above the county level shall order him to make corrections; if he refuses to make corrections or if the circumstances are serious, he shall be fined not less than 2,000 yuan but not more than 20,000 yuan, and the license issuing organ shall revoke the license for pesticide management: he shall not carry out the purchasing and selling account system; operating food, edible agricultural products and feedstuffs in pesticide business places other than sanitary pesticides; not selling sanitary pesticides and other commodities separately; not fulfilling the obligation of pesticide waste recycling.

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