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publisher:农达生化release time:2019-09-20
abstract: china is a large agricultural country with a history of several thousand years. chinese agriculture plays an important role in the development of chinese history and culture. in recent years, in order to further promote the development of rural agric

china is a large agricultural country with a history of several thousand years. chinese agriculture plays an important role in the development of chinese history and culture. in recent years, in order to further promote the development of rural agriculture, the state has implemented a series of policies and measures in agriculture. this year, the no. 1 document of the central committee announced the full implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization. future agriculture will show a different face. want to know what changes and trends will take place in the countryside in the future? let's get to know it.
trend 1
agricultural population will be further reduced
some small villages will slowly disappear.
in some developed countries, the agricultural population accounts for about 10% of the total population, compared with 5% in the united states. with the further development of science and technology, in the future, more agricultural machinery will be used in the process of agricultural production in china, so the agricultural labor force will be further reduced. rural land, through circulation and other means, will gradually gather in the hands of a few people.
trend two
farmers will gradually become a profession
no longer a symbol of identity
in recent years, a new phenomenon has emerged in the countryside. many "new peasants" come to the countryside to farm. they all have higher agricultural knowledge and professional technology. through the cultivation or breeding of circulating land, they bring the advanced ideas outside into the countryside.
scientific planning, intelligent management, planning and production, they have injected a new impetus into the countryside, bringing a fresh breeze that has never been seen before. new peasants will gradually become a profession that people envy, which is absolutely the positive energy of rural development.
trend three
agricultural subsidies will increase further
in the european union, each farmer receives more than 150,000 yuan of government subsidies every year, and 40% of the income of farmers in the european union comes from government subsidies. in iceland, south korea, norway, japan, switzerland and other countries, agricultural subsidies are higher, and 60% of farmers'income comes from government subsidies.
with the development of economy, china's agricultural subsidies will surely progress in the future. at the same time, with the reduction of agricultural population and the rational use of land resources, the implementation of agricultural subsidies will be more smooth.
trend four
the potential of leisure agriculture will be further tapped
with the rapid development of the city, more and more city people have been fond of leisure agriculture, making themselves relaxed through leisure agriculture, which is undoubtedly conducive to the development of leisure agriculture, and the potential of leisure agriculture will be further tapped.
trend five
the rudiments of some small and medium-sized farms will appear in the countryside
nowadays, many farming farmers in the countryside have flowed through the land once separated by each household, and have done batch cultivation. there will be some embryonic forms of small and medium-sized farms in the countryside. in the future, these embryonic forms will continue to increase and they will lay a solid foundation for the development of modern agriculture.
trend six
the value of organic agriculture will be further highlighted
environmental protection and food safety are always topics that can not be ignored. with the strengthening of people's demands for environmental protection and health, green organic agriculture will usher in spring. the biggest bottleneck in the development of green organic agriculture is that it can not quickly trace the origin of agricultural products. in the future, this problem will be solved by scientific and technological means, and green organic agriculture will usher in a big outbreak.
trend seven
the combination of agriculture and the internet will be closer and closer
in modern society, everything is inseparable from the internet, and agriculture is no exception. internet agriculture in china is gradually developing and maturing. with the further development of internet of things, big data, e-commerce and other technologies, the combination of agriculture and the internet will become increasingly close. it will complete scientific management, information sharing, online trading, electronic payment and intelligent logistics, which will be the trend of agricultural development.
trend eight
shared farm will become a new fashion
this year's central committee document no. 1 introduced the contents of the government and social capital cooperation (ppp). the contents put forward: activate idle resources in rural areas, vigorously develop leisure agriculture and rural tourism, support social capital to develop leisure tourism projects, and promote social capital to invest in new rural industries through cooperation between the government and social capital. the state allows pilot "shared farm" innovative projects and gives priority support.
shared farm, a new type of shared economy, can combine farmers, tourists and farms to make rational use of idle land resources in rural areas. through the "shared farm" e-commerce, people living in the city are connected with farmers, using the mode of online adoption and offline substitution, so that consumers can cooperate with farmers, share farm planting results, and ultimately realize direct farm supply.
from the above eight trends of agricultural development, we can see that the prospects for future agricultural development are very broad. especially in the vast rural areas of our country, because of the rich natural resources, it will certainly have a great value of exploitation and use. in the future, the state will continue to implement various preferential agricultural policies to help china's agriculture achieve further development.

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