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publisher:农达生化release time:2019-10-12
abstract: like relocation of hazardous chemicals enterprises and wisdom park, the word world-class chemical industry park has a high rate of appearance. obviously, chinas chemical industry park is looking at the world and aiming at learning and surpassing the

like "relocation of hazardous chemicals enterprises" and "wisdom park", the word "world-class chemical industry park" has a high rate of appearance. obviously, china's chemical industry park is looking at the world and aiming at learning and surpassing the world's first-class level. so what kind of conditions can we call it a world-class chemical park? how far is china's chemical industry park from the world-class chemical industry park?
what is a world-class chemical park like?
li shousheng, president of the china petroleum and chemical industry federation, gave a penetrating description in his industry book "creating the next future - prospects for the chinese petroleum and chemical industry 2030":
world-class chemical industry parks should have the characteristics of outstanding economic strength, strong industrial competitiveness, perfect public works and infrastructure, advanced management model and supporting services.
to sum up, at least five basic conditions are required:
having a number of industrial chains with advanced technology and high degree of industrial relevance
have a number of products and well-known brands with competitive advantages in the market
have perfect public utilities supporting facilities
have a leading management model and efficient production efficiency
have a development environment in which enterprises fully practice responsibility care and live in harmony and prosperity with surrounding communities
the leadership of world-class parks in the eyes of multinational corporations
forward-looking park planning
the planning of chemical industry park takes industrial chain as the main line, considers long-term and sustainable development, takes advantage of industries as the core, continues upstream and downstream, and ultimately realizes circular development. it is very important for investors to be able to invest precisely according to the planned industrial chain and provide long-term and stable services for enterprises. with the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry, differentiated, refined and high-end park planning is an important weight to enhance the competitiveness of the park industry.
perfect public utilities supporting facilities
the competitiveness of enterprises in the park is closely related to the competitiveness of the chemical industry park in which they are located. through efficient and convenient public works and infrastructure, as well as the synergistic effect of upstream and downstream industrial chains, the park reduces the operating costs of enterprises and enhances the competitive advantages of enterprises in the same industry. throughout the world, all chemical parks with great influence have considerable investment in infrastructure.
talent reserve with high quality
when enterprises invest in the park, talent is a very important consideration, including the availability of talent, professional quality and cost. high-level parks need high-quality manpower support. the parks must have sufficient chemical talents reserve, which is not limited to high-end talents. the front-line production, engineering and technical service personnel also need chemical professional knowledge and skills training. aiming at the rapid emergency response system of chemical accidents, rescuers must be trained specially.
harmonious and harmonious ecosystem
green development must run through the whole process of layout planning, investment attraction, construction management, safety and environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, recycling and transformation, and the whole life cycle of the system engineering. through the establishment of the park ecological responsibility care system with the goal of maximizing the sharing of achievements with the surrounding communities, the park ecological economic system with the theme of ecology and industrialization of the ecological park is constructed.
obviously, world-class chemical industry parks can use scientific means to solve the problems of ecological development and sustainable development. some of the leading chemical parks in china have the potential to become world-class. the following research on xingyuan will give you a brief overview of the "world-class" characteristics of these large chinese parks.
shanghai chemical industrial zone
the highest degree of internationalization
as a world metropolis and economic and cultural center, shanghai has a great attraction for western investors. shanghai chemical industry zone has taken the lead in international projects and park management.
characteristics of the park
1. high starting point for internationalization and technological monopoly advantages of some products
shanghai secco project was the largest ethylene project with a single plant at that time, and the project management was also in line with international standards.
bayer polyisocyanate integration project and shanghai united isocyanate project are not only large-scale construction, but also high technology content. foreign-funded enterprises not only enter the upstream of china's chemical industry, but also enter the middle and downstream, forming a complete industrial chain. although domestic enterprises have developed and industrialized technologies, they can not compete with them in terms of production scale and technological maturity.
2. close relationship with adjacent parks and complementarity
shanghai has formed more professional chemical areas, such as gaoqiao petrochemical zone, which takes petroleum as its main raw material and petroleum processing industry as its main petrochemical area; wujing chemical zone, which takes coal as its main raw material, has formed chemical zones with coking, acid-making, synthetic ammonia, chlor-alkali inorganic salts and other production as its main chemical area; taopu chemical zone, which mainly uses fuel, paint, rubber and medicine, has jinshan stone. refining and ethylene industry are the main leading projects in the chemical zone, and a large number of downstream raw materials have been developed. these adjacent chemical industrial parks and production bases are closely related to shanghai chemical industrial zone and form complementary relations in industry.
important measures
focusing on the three aspects of "strengthening the industry", "doing a good business environment" and "doing a good management service", we should continue to carry out the responsibility care work and continuously promote the high-quality development of the park.
development goal
by the end of the 13th five-year plan, shanghai chemical industry zone will be built into a world-class chemical industry base and a circular economy demonstration base with high technology, advanced safety and environmental protection, remarkable intelligence and efficiency, and international competitiveness. it will maintain the best chemical industry park in china, become a pioneer in practicing environmental friendliness and green development, and become the world-class with the most international competitiveness by 2025-2030. petrochemical industry base and circular economy demonstration base have laid a solid foundation.
huizhou daya bay economic and technological development zone
great potential
characteristics of the park
1. convenient transportation, perfect infrastructure and close to the market provide geographic advantages for the formation of world-class petrochemical bases.
2. comprehensive environmental protection measures of "control, reduction and supplement", strictly control pollution at source, reduce total discharge and make up for ecological shortcomings. promote positive and negative inventory management. to formulate and implement the implementation plan of positive and negative inventory of eia approval for investment projects and the indicators of differential environmental protection access for investment projects, to implement the management of positive and negative inventory of eia approval for projects, and to strictly enforce the provisions of restriction on approval.
3. leading enterprises have prominent driving effect, which provides reliable raw material guarantee for the park and coordinated development of related industries. cnooc phase ii 22 million tons/year refining rebuilding and expansion and 1 million tons/year ethylene and shell 950 000 tons/year ethylene construction and commissioning provide sufficient raw material support and strong support for the development of downstream projects in petrochemical zones.
important measures
practice the strategy of innovation-driven development. daya bay science and technology entrepreneurship service center is the first professional incubator of fine chemical industry in south china, which is rare in china and has been recognized as the national incubator of science and technology enterprises.
building a service-oriented government. we should strengthen the coordination services for investment projects and implement the chief service officer system for selected investment projects that have a greater impact on economic and social development.
innovation of safety and environmental protection supervision methods. build china's first base for hazardous chemicals, set up a professional team for emergency response of hazardous chemicals, and integrate the three forces.
innovation management service system. a petrochemical comprehensive management team has been set up, a management service center in the petrochemical area has been established, and regular public open day activities in the petrochemical area have been held.
development goal
focusing on quality and benefit, we should upgrade the position of its petrochemical industry in the global value chain and build it into a petrochemical production area with the best quality and benefit in china. we will comprehensively upgrade the equipment level, matching level, output efficiency, innovation ability, ecological development level, safety management level, brand number and popularity, and external technical service capacity, so as to form a stronger international competitiveness and enter into the ranks of the world's first-class petrochemical parks.
ningbo petrochemical economic and technological development zone
fine management
at present, more than 80 chemical enterprises have been put into operation in the park. the average investment intensity per unit land reaches 6.96 billion yuan per square kilometer, and the average output value is 15.8 billion yuan per square kilometer. over 90 billion yuan of industrial investment and 2.5 billion us dollars of fdi have been absorbed. the average investment intensity per unit of land is over 6.5 billion yuan per square kilometer and the average output value is 15 billion yuan per square kilometer.
characteristics of the park
1. creating a world-class petrochemical base with clear objectives
in 2012, ningbo petrochemical zone launched a new round of park upgrading action, putting forward three major projects of industrial upgrading, image upgrading and management upgrading as the starting point, and striving to build a world-class petrochemical industry base with "complete industrial system, perfect ecological environment and perfect management services".
2. public facilities are mature and complete
park central heating, chemical pipeline gallery, wharf storage, sewage treatment, standard discharge, waste comprehensive treatment and fire brigade, natural gas gate station and other supporting mature. raw materials and finished products tank area, low temperature and pressure tank area, industrial gas supply and other projects have been completed and operated.
3. make the best use of local conditions
taking advantage of zhenhai liquid chemical terminal, zhenhai refining and chemical industry, abundant beach resources, convenient and fast transportation network, active private economy and private capital in zhejiang province, the park adheres to the principle of "planning forerunner, foundation forerunner, step-by-step implementation, and simultaneous development of domestic and foreign capital".
4. considering the balanced development of ecology
we will comprehensively promote ecological construction, environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and safe production, and further improve the ecological environment quality of the park. three major projects, namely, industry upgrading with investment promotion, transformation and upgrading as the main content, image upgrading with image enhancement and environment improvement as the main content, and management upgrading with concept transformation and quality improvement and efficiency enhancement as the main content, have been carried out to achieve a perfect balance between economic development and ecological construction.
important measures
intelligent safety supervision: mainly to build national safety supervision benchmarking park. hazard sources should be classified and graded by grid and digitized management. we will strengthen the special renovation of key industries (fields), establish a list of four types of key hazardous enterprises, establish a database for safety education and training, safety risk and accident hidden danger investigation and rectification, comprehensively implement the image monitoring system for data of prevention and control of key hazardous chemicals enterprises, and implement safety risk evaluation and management.
utilization of resources maximization: mainly to promote the development of petrochemical industry cluster, improve the utilization of land, water, electricity, energy, environment and other resources. focus on the implementation of "tens of billions of projects". efforts will be made to promote the expansion project of zhenhai refinery and chemical industry, work out the downstream product plan of the ethylene plant jointly with zhenhai refinery and chemical industry, and strive to promote the interconnection of production units, the mutual supply of upstream and downstream products, and the exchange of raw and auxiliary materials and pipelines.
product structure optimization: mainly to optimize the spatial functional layout of regional industries, the implementation of circular economy development. in industry, according to the petrochemical industry chain of oil head and tail, the industrial chain planning of the park should be improved, the value chain of the petrochemical industry of the park should be promoted, and the circular development should be carried out continuously.
normalization of energy conservation and emission reduction: mainly to promote green recycling development of the park.
integration of public services: it mainly implements unified planning, centralized construction, centralized supply and unified management of public works needed by enterprises. strengthen public security and public management in the park and implement closed management.
park environmental ecology: mainly to continuously improve the level of regional comprehensive ecological environment. enterprises must comply with laws and regulations, and the production process must meet the requirements of green development.
development goal
in the future, ningbo petrochemical economic and technological development zone will keep abreast of the general trend of economic development in the bay area and further promote collaboration and open cooperation with other industrial agglomeration areas in the bay area. to map industrial innovation around new chemical materials, high-end polyolefin resins, functional membrane materials and electronic chemical materials, and to develop resource links globally by means of talent links, technology links and capital links. the development zone will be built into a world-class green petrochemical base with great competitiveness.
nanjing jiangbei new materials science park
characteristic positioning
by the end of 2016, there were nearly 400 enterprises in the park, including 126 industrial enterprises above the scale, including more than 30 top 500 enterprises in the world, 50 global industrial enterprises and leading market segments.
characteristics of the park
1. taking the yangtze-pakistan integrated petrochemical project as the lead, the development of petrochemical industry and refinery units in the middle and lower reaches has been promoted. and it is in the leading position at home and abroad in the industrial scale and process technology of some chemical products.
2. integrate into the construction of jiangbei national new area in an all-round way, and promote the transformation to "green manufacturing".
important measures
always adhere to the enterprise management model. to manage the park in an enterprise mode, we should focus on training managerial cadres who are professional, good at management and have a correct style of work, and build a young, professional and international cadre force.
adhere to the socialization of part of power. many things we entrust the third-party organizations of the society to do are to socialize these rights, so that we can spare more energy to consider transformation and upgrading, attracting investment, and serving enterprises. that is economic development. how to concentrate our efforts and resources to improve the level of economic operation? we should work hard on this, so we can socialize the rights.
strengthen the service function: for every project and every enterprise, we try to arrange special staff to help the whole process of service. we must make sure that the service is in place.
adhere to the market-oriented operation. the park has set up a special fund for industrial development, aiming at giving full play to the leverage amplification effect of government financial funds, mobilizing and guiding non-governmental capital into the industrial development of the park through market-oriented operation, and seeking more channels of financial support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises and high-growth enterprises in the park, especially for accelerating the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
development goal
nanjing chemical industry park will build a national innovation base of new material industry with international competitiveness and an important hub port of nanjing regional shipping and logistics center by comparing the development orientation of "four cities" in nanjing and "three districts and one platform" in jiangbei new area.

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