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【official website】the influence of epidemic situation on the development of pesticide industry in china-凯时娱乐ks

publisher:农达生化release time:2020-08-21
abstract: hitherto unknown and at a loss, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has disturbed peoples normal life and stopped the whole economy and society. for a time, the worry and panic about the development prospect filled the society. the high-frequency words ap

hitherto unknown and at a loss, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has disturbed people's normal life and stopped the whole economy and society. for a time, the worry and panic about the development prospect filled the society. the high-frequency words appeared in the industrial and economic circles were "industrial shutdown", "economic recession", "financial crisis", "economic depression", "the end of globalization", etc. during the epidemic period, we have experienced the evolution process of the epidemic situation, and also experienced the ups and downs of "shutdown, shutdown, economic recession", "resumption of work and production, and economic recovery".
in the early stage of the epidemic, all walks of life in the country were generally shut down for a period of time, transportation was blocked, domestic and international sales were not smooth. pesticide enterprises also suffered from production stoppage and poor sales and transportation. the impact of industrial recession was particularly prominent in january and february this year. taking export as an example, compared with the export sales scale of the same period last year, the growth rate in january was - 3.91%, 2 the monthly growth rate was - 41.26%, but the impact was short-term, which did not cause the essential decline of industrial conditions. with the epidemic situation under control, the relevant national administrative departments including the ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued policies to ensure smooth transportation of agricultural means of production and give priority to the resumption of production. in particular, the ministry of agriculture and rural areas quickly resumed the relevant export policies in mid february, which quickly eased the recession of pesticide industry. the scale of export trade recovered rapidly in march and april, compared with last year in march, the growth rate was 15.22% and that in april was 37.34%. in may, the growth rate was slightly higher than that of last year and entered into a normal state. in the same period, export notifications increased by 25%. from the domestic sales situation from january to may, most of the production enterprises reflected that the sales level was not lower than or equal to that of last year. the situation of pesticide production and sales in china is no less than last year, which may be related to the good price of agricultural products this year, the limitation of migrant workers' going out to work, and the re planting of many abandoned lands in the past. if there is no obvious change in the sales volume in june and july compared with the same period last year, the impact of the epidemic on the pesticide industry in general is small. last year was the best year for pesticide production and sales, especially export sales in recent years. even if this year has decreased compared with last year, it is normal.
the hard demand of agricultural means of production and the particularity of agricultural production mode determine that the impact of epidemic situation on pesticide industry is limited
eating is a big thing for people. if people want to eat, they have to engage in agricultural production, which requires agricultural means of production, which is a kind of just need. pesticide is an important means of agricultural production, agricultural production, especially the effective supply of agricultural products is inseparable from the use of pesticides. even if the economy is in recession, you can wear less and use less, but you can't eat less. the limited money should be spent on purchasing means of production first. this is one of the important factors that the epidemic situation has little impact on the pesticide industry. at the same time, the mode of agricultural production is generally limited. there are few people working in the vast natural environment without ventilation and pollution, and there is no risk of clustering infection. during the epidemic period, agricultural production is not forced to stop production as the secondary and tertiary industries. in addition, the superposition of the spring festival holidays makes agricultural production basically unaffected by the epidemic situation, thus ensuring the demand market for pesticides.
the dependence of the international market on chinese pesticides is irreplaceable in a short period of time
china is a big country in pesticide production and export. 50% - 60% of the 3 million tons of pesticides we produce every year are exported. 184 countries in the world use chinese pesticides, and the export volume of chinese pesticides accounts for about 50% of the world trade volume. china has a large scale, complete variety, good quality, moderate price and high cost performance, which is welcomed by consumers all over the world. in recent years, the promotion of environmental protection once made our production capacity decline. this phenomenon is quickly and sensitively reflected in the international market, and many countries have asked us to increase supply. this reflects that china's international status of pesticide is unshakable in the short term.
there are new opportunities in the epidemic crisis
the epidemic crisis is global, and it will continue to spread globally for a long time. this is what we do not want to see, but it is objective. china is the first country to break out the epidemic situation, and also the earliest and best country to control the epidemic situation. it ensures that china can resume work and production in time, and will realize economic recovery as soon as possible. at a time when we had already resumed production, some pesticide producing countries were still unable to get rid of the attack of the epidemic situation, and were still in the stage of shutdown or shutdown for a long time. the agricultural production of all countries in the world will not stop, and the demand for pesticides is objective. the international market that these countries occupied and supplied in the past needs the courage, responsible attitude and market-oriented principle of chinese pesticide enterprises to help solve the supply problems.
of course, china's pesticide industry is also facing some challenges from the international environment, such as the impact of the epidemic, the recession of the world economy, the decline of overall purchasing power, the impact of restrictive measures on the circulation of pesticide products, and the agricultural season in the northern hemisphere has passed. these challenges need to be addressed correctly.
measures and suggestions on stabilizing the development of pesticide industry in china in the near future
1. adjust expectations and position correctly
in recent years, the development situation of pesticide industry is good, and 2019 is the best year after 2014. before the outbreak of the epidemic, the industry and enterprises have formulated their own development plan in 2020 based on this background, and put forward the goals and tasks to be achieved. it should be said that the development expectation in 2020 is relatively high. the epidemic has a great impact on most countries in the world, which will last for a long time. therefore, we should, in accordance with the new situation, carefully analyze the changes in the domestic and international markets, rationally adjust the expected production and sales targets, and strive to avoid major twists and turns in the whole industry and each enterprise.
2. strengthen management, ask for quality and benefit from management
this is our valuable experience in developing and expanding enterprises summed up in the reform and opening up. the more difficult it is, the more necessary to strengthen management, strive to reduce consumption and cost, always control the quality and reduce the appearance of defective products, so as to improve the quality, improve the cost performance, improve the efficiency, and steadily tide over the difficulties.
3. in adversity, we should pay attention to quality, keep promise, establish image and brand, and lay a foundation for the war in the next year
the whole world is in the economic recession caused by the epidemic situation and needs cooperation and support. we are the first to get rid of the epidemic attack and resume production as soon as possible. we are also a big pesticide producer and the international market is highly dependent on chinese pesticides. at this difficult time, we should take a long-term view, attach great importance to product quality, fully fulfill the procurement contract, give more help and assistance with the concept of "community of common destiny", and put an end to dishonest and irresponsible behaviors establishing the image of a big country, shaping the chinese brand and solidifying the long-term cooperative relationship will lay the foundation for the sustainable development of china's pesticide industry.
4. make full use of the supporting policies to consolidate the domestic and international markets
after the outbreak of the epidemic, the state and local governments have issued a series of relief policies. pesticide enterprises should make full use of these policies, promote the comprehensive recovery of production, get out of the predicament as soon as possible, and ensure that pesticide products can meet the supply of agricultural production. on june 8, the ministry of agriculture and rural areas announced the policy of pesticide registration only for export, which will greatly facilitate china's pesticide products to further expand the international market and expand the international market share.
5. we should firmly adhere to the orientation of high-tech industry, adhere to investment, increase investment, and plant accumulation and development
the pesticide industry is not only a chemical industry, but also a biotechnology industry. it also involves the application of raw material technology. it is a true high-tech industry. the pesticide industry has made painstaking efforts for the development of china's pesticide industry for more than 60 years. it has not only achieved a large scale and good quality, but also will achieve a qualitative leap and a breakthrough in research and development ability in the near future. in the face of the current difficulties, it is necessary to strengthen the correct positioning, firm belief in winning, continue to adhere to the r & d investment unswervingly, and make china's pesticide industry enter the world's first echelon as soon as possible.

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