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product characteristics:
this product is rich in highly active growth retarding factors, chlorophyll-forming factors and rooting factors. it is a chemical pruning agent specially designed for hedge maintenance and management. its mechanism is to control plant growth by inhibiting the biosynthesis of gibberellin and reducing the content of gibberellin. it is the most widely used plant growth regulator in the process of plant maintenance and management.
functional characteristics:
1. delaying hedge growth, shortening branches, reducing pruning times and reducing maintenance costs;
2. increase the ratio of root to shoot, increase the creeping ability and reduce the loss of soil fertility.
3. easy to use, direct spraying on the surface of hedgerow, easy to operate and high efficiency;
4. reduce pests and diseases, enhance drought and cold resistance.
5. promote root growth and plant growth.
scope of application:
hedgerow plants such as poplar, photinia, ligustrum lucidum, longbai, etc.
usage method:
when axillary buds begin to grow in spring or 1-3 days after the first pruning, spray 25-30 kg of water per bottle on the surface and side of hedgerow. spraying should be uniform, so that no spraying, no leakage spraying, spraying 2-3 times a year.
matters needing attention:
1. it is strictly forbidden to mix with other products.
2. avoid spraying on plants around hedgerows to avoid affecting growth.
3. store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
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