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product characteristics:
this product can stimulate the inherent potential of plants, enhance the activity of various enzymes, promote the production of various growth substances by plants themselves, and improve the biochemical environment of cells. after injected into the trunk, the product can be quickly absorbed and transmitted up and down by the trunk, promote root development, improve water and fertilizer utilization efficiency, increase chlorophyll content and photosynthesis intensity, especially to improve plant resistance to viral diseases, cold, drought, hot and dry wind, waterlogging, salt and alkali, etc., and greatly improve the survival rate of transplantation. functional characteristics:
1. promote the development of root system, strengthen the tree body and improve the survival rate of transplantation.
2. increase tree energy and stress resistance.
scope of application:
new transplanted trees, poorly growing trees, yellow leaves, nutrient-deficient trees, old trees rejuvenated.
usage method:
tilt 45 degree holes (hole depth 5 cm) downward on the trunk of the tree and insert the bottle in order not to leak.
increase or decrease the amount according to the size of the tree:
tree dbh
40cm above
quantity of use (bottle)
matters needing attention:
1. this product can be used directly without dilution with water.
2. suitable for trees above 10 cm.
3. it is better to use with dr. lin's rooting solution.
4. pay attention to the binding of bookholes.
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