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product characteristics:
this product is a plant wound healing agent, which is elaborately developed by using foreign advanced technology formula, high purity biological raw materials and advanced production technology. its activator can activate the plant immune system rapidly, promote the metabolism of indole auxin, and repair, disinfection, sterilization and preservation of phenolic factors, prevent water and nutrient loss and promote wound healing. it does not burn the tree body and resists rainwater scouring after film formation. it is an excellent protective product for the healthy growth of plants.
functional characteristics:
1. rapid healing of wounds;
2. prevent the loss of water and nutrients.
3. prevent disease and rot, and prevent pathogens and pests from invading wounds.
scope of application:
wounds caused by transportation of seedlings, pruning of trees, diseases and insect pests, and grafting of seedlings.
usage method:
when used, stir evenly and apply the brush directly to the wound.
matters needing attention:
1. smear evenly, the scope of application should be slightly wider than the wound. cover the wound completely.
2. film is formed quickly after smearing, and no need to be repaired in case of rain.
3. after each use, pay attention to cover and store in a cool and dry place.
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