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product characteristics:
this product is explosive diffusion rooting, is a new molecular inducer. by inducing rooting factors in plants, the activity of enzymes can stimulate the formation of roots. even in the harsh environment of low temperature and low oxygen, roots can still take root, and the roots are thick, long, strong and many. widely used in plant afforestation cuttings rooting, plant transplantation turf transplantation, improve the survival rate of transplantation. functional characteristics:
1. to stimulate the potential of flowers and trees and promote rapid rooting and germination;
2. improving plant growth and restoring vigor of flowers and trees;
3. improving the survival rate of transplanted seedlings.
scope of application:
transplant seedlings, flowers and lawns, rejuvenate weak trees, cuttings and so on.
usage method:
1. dilute 400 times with water as fixed root water to irrigate roots.
2. difficult rooting and old, weak and disabled trees can be properly watered once every 10 days, depending on the growth of trees.
matters needing attention:
1. increase the amount of water added appropriately at high temperature and drought.
2. it is better to use with dr. lin's hanging bag solution and qubing no. 3 bactericide.
3. store in a cool and dry place. drinking is strictly prohibited.
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