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product characteristics:
water-retaining agent is a non-toxic, pollution-free, super absorbent and water-retaining macromolecule polymer. it can form a micro reservoir in the soil, which is released in drought and absorbed in waterlogging. water-retaining agent can quickly absorb rainwater, irrigation water and store it. when plants need it, it can release slowly, which can not only ensure the normal water needed by plants, but also prevent the waste of water due to evaporation and leakage loss, ensure that the soil is moist for a long time, and can be repeatedly absorbed, drained and slowly used by plants.
functional characteristics:
1. recurrent shrinkage and imbibition of improved soil structure caused a large number of pore, improved soil permeability, water permeability, improved rhizosphere environment, improved stress resistance, and promoted root growth.
2. the use of water-retaining agent in transplanting seedlings can keep water for about two months, meet the water requirement of seedlings and improve survival rate.
3. when mixed with pesticides and fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides can be stored and released slowly when water is stored. it will not be wasted by evaporation, leakage and loss, thus improving the utilization rate.
scope of application:
tree transplantation, cutting rooting, water conservation, flowers, bonsai, urban greening, arid sandy land and so on.
usage method:
1. sprinkle evenly on or around the roots of plants, fully watered, watered thoroughly, and sealed with soil.
2. pure water or tap water can be soaked for 20-30 minutes to absorb water sufficiently. the saturated water retaining agent is directly sprayed on the root of the plant to seal the soil.
matters needing attention:
1. this product is not a watering agent, it must be fully absorbed, in order to achieve the best effect;
2. store in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.
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