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【official website】how on earth should we take the road of agricultural chain?-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-03-07
chain is the "secret recipe" for brand to become bigger and stronger, but chain is not the shortcut for brand scale. at the beginning of this century, with the reform of china's agricultural system and the marketization of agricultural sales, the concept of agricultural chain came into being. some agricultural manufacturers and distributors began to pay attention to the chain operation of agricultural resources, and made research and exploration on the chain operation mode of agricultural resources. nearly 1,000 enterprises in china have carried out chain operation successively. however, the technical, service, commercial and planned characteristics of agricultural sales have made it difficult to replicate, serve, manage and plan agricultural chains, which has not formed a mature agricultural chain operation mode in china for more than ten years. that's why we need to revisit this old topic today. before talking about agricultural chain, we might as well learn about the chain model of catering industry, and explore the development path of agricultural chain.
compared with the catering industry, the level of agricultural chain is still in its infancy. branding and chain-like is still one of the future development directions of agricultural resources. in the agricultural chain operation, we believe that we must follow the principle of "three forces, one chain and one chain".
the success of agricultural chain model must have three basic forces.
higher profitability
profitability is the most basic characteristic of channel providers (agents and terminal providers). therefore, the first condition for the chain model to attract channel merchants to participate is that the profitability is better than the traditional channel. i have visited many terminals in the market and asked them for their views on chains. most terminal vendors say they don't understand what chains are, they just say they need to make money anyway.
product promotion ability
chain mode is also like the traditional channel, the channel that sells the most products, and the sales power of its products shows its competitiveness. the reason for creating a chain model is also to hope that it can be more competitive than traditional channels. with the brand effect of chain mode, farmers are more likely to accept the products sold by chain stores, even if only the agricultural assets sold by chain stores, farmers can take it for granted that they have certain quality assurance.
market control ability
market control of chain mode, including market order and price management, is more important than traditional mode. if there are acts of channeling goods and disrupting market order, it will not only affect the sales of regional markets, but also seriously affect the demonstration effect of chain model. therefore, chain companies should develop corresponding market management functions, set up a full-time team, and stipulate and supervise the regional division of agency rights, price management and so on.
how to establish successful agricultural chain model
it's about interests, it's about rules.
first, the protection of interests. attracting channel merchants to join or maintaining their loyalty requires the protection of interests.
first, the chain model is more competitive than the traditional model. through specific examples, it is better to make breakthroughs in some regional markets, so that channel operators can believe that through the chain can sell faster and more;
secondly, after joining the chain, the channel business believes that the profit has increased than before, which should be proved by the specific profit calculation.
thirdly, channel operators should believe that the chain model can bring more stable profits.

secondly, it is the norm of management. if there is no standard management, the so-called chain can only be in vain. chain store management, in addition to unified image, unified purchasing, unified price and other basic work, is more important to the normal operation of the protection, including the management of goods fleeing and disorderly prices.
market order has always been a headache for agricultural producers. this is mainly due to the confusion of participants in the agricultural assets market and the irregular operation of the market. and these problems, agricultural chain also have to face. if not handled properly, it will affect the whole chain brand.
connect the brand, lock the customer.
first, brand is the soul of chain. chain, also known as brand chain, can be seen that brand is the soul of chain, in order to better reflect the brand power of channels, so the establishment of chain mode. franchised terminal stores can gain farmers'trust better by means of chain brands, so as to sell more products.
therefore, the establishment of chain is to build a brand, so the integration and promotion work necessary to build a brand will become more important. what we need to explain here is that, instead of establishing a chain, there will be a brand. we should actively communicate with consumers through integration and communication, such as a large number of peasant associations and demonstration household propaganda, so as to establish a brand and promote the success of the brand in turn.
the second level, the foundation of the chain lies in the customers, in the farmers. farmers, or land, are the foundation of the market. agricultural industry just reflects such a feature that every successful terminal store has a relatively fixed customer base.
farmers also have great thinking inertia in choosing terminal stores when they buy agricultural assets. as long as the terminal stores are approved, it is generally difficult to change in a short time. to build a stable consumer group by taking root in rural chain stores is the foundation of the success of the chain model.
on the way of chain, successful brands tell people that chain is the "secret recipe" for brand to become bigger and stronger. at the same time, failed brands bring blood lessons. chain is not a shortcut for brand scale, but a tool. success or failure depends on how to use tools efficiently and scientifically.

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