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【official website】facing the bankruptcy of agricultural dealers, how to save themselves in 2019?-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-03-14
nowadays, agricultural business is becoming more and more difficult to do, more and more manufacturers feel that the shop is not moving!
at present, farmers are less enthusiastic about planting land. more and more distributors feel that the goods can not be sold!
when the new year of agricultural industry comes, 2019 will be the worst year in these years, but it will also be the best year in the next few years. what has been said is that we have just entered 39 years in winter and winter, which is still very far away from spring.
every year of the farmer seems to be a particularly tormented year, but also a particularly confused year, many people are thinking, how long can we do? how long can we live? in this complex situation, what should agricultural dealers do?
in the great change of 2018, the merger and reorganization of enterprises led to the four major chemical giants, becoming stronger and stronger, the continuous decline of crops, the lower and lower ceilings, the survival of agricultural enterprises in the cracks, "deep hole digging, extensive grain accumulation, focusing, early king." it is a strategic policy for the survival of the industry in recent years. at the same time, we should try our best to meet the needs of outstanding enterprises and make changes in combination with ourselves. it is also a problem for us as professional managers of agricultural products.
many people flocked into the sales industry, and many people quit the sales industry. a friend asked me, how can i do a good job in this industry?
first of all, you can't die! seven kinds of dead ways of sales
first, fear of meeting customers, fear of rejection, a word "fear" strangles the unlimited potential of salespeople. the joy of business activities lies in meeting different people every day, experiencing different communication scenarios, and constantly delivering value to customers. the essence of fear is that it cares too much about its own heart and lies in "ghosts in its heart". it's because you're dead without trying.
second, think too much, do too little, regard "research" as a sales activity. it's a big taboo for salespeople. only when a large number of actions are taken and war is learned in war can we acquire excellent skills. we can never learn to swim in the playground. wisdom is what sprays out from practice. too little is done and too much is thought. thought becomes the burden and resistance of action. without massive visits, all technical and technical tools are useless "equipment".
third, do not want to pay, lazy words as the head, to "spiritual" as their own living capital. sales and farming are essentially the same, a plough, a harvest, how much you pay, the customer hearts receive, no difference. "if you are not arrogant, you will be lazy." diligence, diligence and diligence are always the simplest and most effective ways of sales activities. without the word "diligence" to pave the way for sales life, everything will be pale.
fourth, many sales people are unwilling to take the initiative to expand their customers, always want to sit and wait for customers to come. actually, there is a saying called "initiative is the beginning of all opportunities". if you don't actively contact customers, and do not actively expand new customers, what opportunities do you have? some people say they are waiting for luck to come. luck will not fall to those who have not tried hard. luck is the ability to exercise to produce luck, to bring luck! fixed people, can only sit and wait for death.
fifth, in the process of sales, we will inevitably encounter some difficult customers, some customers who attack you, and some difficult customers. in short, in sales, we will encounter all kinds of people with different personalities and tempers. as a salesman, if we do not have a tolerant attitude to face them, we will easily be alive and dead by these people. when you face these customers, the only survival magic weapon is: don't get angry!
sixth, this is a very tragic way to die. many people begin to sell with enthusiasm, but after several months without any achievements, they begin to face the situation of impoverishment. in order to live, for the sake of family, and all kinds of pressure, they begin to feel that they are not suitable for the sales industry and choose to leave.
seventh, the "ability" here is not the "ability" of ability, but the recognition of their own level and ability is too high, too self-righteous people, most of these people have a little experience, encounter things high, nobody in their eyes, do not communicate, do not communicate, do not break away from the team's feelings, no team sense, the death of such people will be more painful.
second, you have to live! four kinds of persistence in sales“
second, boil

although the sales principles of various industries are clear, it takes at least three years for salesmen to fully understand an industry. frequent industry changes will make you understand every industry but not enough. if you are not thorough enough, you can't be skilled in this industry, and you won't have good performance. and sales performance is closely related to your network, relationship and resources.
it's all relevant. often when you change industries, the previous relationships, resources will not be used, you have to re-accumulate, which is very detrimental to the growth of sales personnel.
many salesmen are not qualitative and often change companies. many salespeople change their company's thinking that a change of environment will lead to good performance without performance in three months. they think that they can communicate well with customers, wherever you go, customers will follow you.
this is a big mistake.
firstly, three months are right, and the results are likely to be achieved in the fourth month. the first three months are likely to be accumulated, but the salesmen did not insist on it. it is like boiling water to 99 degrees without burning, plus a fire water to boil, but the fire ceased.
secondly, customers identify with you, not with you. let's think about it. why do you remember so many salespeople that customers come into contact with every day? salesmen must remember that customers identify with you as a company, not as a person. most of the salespeople will have the experience that it is difficult to communicate after a well-communicated customer changes company.
third, insist on doing in a company, as long as you are diligent, the boss will not let you leave without performance in a short time, insist on will have performance, and it is easy to get the favor of leaders and get a certain position promotion.
fourth, when you change companies, the new company owner must ask you about your previous performance. if you say your performance is good, the boss will ask you why you left; if your performance is bad, the boss will not dare to use it. anyway, the boss will visit you for a while, and you have to integrate the new team, new environment, which is a great challenge for salespeople.
3. adhere to customer tracking and maintenance
after initial contact with customers, many salesmen begin to follow up actively after customers express their intentions (maybe three months later, six months later or one year later). at the beginning, the salesmen showed a certain enthusiasm, such as sending text messages, making phone calls, etc., but it did not last long. gradually, the number of communication with customers was less, the number of short messages was not sent, and the telephone was not called. soon the client forgot you.
in fact, to do sales ratio is to insist that you can communicate with customers more frequently than your competitors (of course, communication should be moderate), can you use more means of communication to make customers feel good about you and remember you rather than your competitors?
salesmen should know the concept of life cycle, that is to say, after dealing with customers, our work is not over. we need to do a good job of related services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. we also need to pay attention to the life cycle of customers, because the needs of customers are different at different stages. we need to study the different needs of customers at different stages. at the same time, we also need to communicate with customers in addition to business communication. this kind of emotional communication can help us reduce friction, enhance friendship and thus improve customer retention rate and customer recommendation rate.
competition environment is very fierce. salesmen can only improve their literacy by continuous learning.
(1) the company's products and solutions, which is the basic element, even if there are pre-sale 7 x 24 help you, you should continue to learn and understand. unless you just want to be a gunman.
(2) it is necessary to keep up with the relevant background knowledge of the industry, pay attention to the development of the industry, and pay attention to the technological developments of the industry.
(3) expand reading, understand political, economic, industrial and other information, and be able to summarize, refine or "memorize" some classical ideas, good at citing classics, because communication with customers, not only peddling your company's products and technology, if you are an insightful and in-depth sales, then you will have a higher level of contact with customers.
(4) summarize frequently. summarization is also a method of learning. summarizing sales experience, daily perception and life experience in time can only be promoted by summarizing, and only by summarizing can we sublimate.

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