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【official website】why did these farm stores survive in the cracks?-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-03-22
at present, agricultural management has come to a very severe time. in the past, agricultural companies, chain stores, e-commerce and other relatively well-managed enterprises have felt the difficulty of agricultural sales. in order to survive and develop, they have transformed and upgraded one after another, abandoning the original way of thinking and management, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, transforming the service, breaking off the road and pursuing the transformation.
the transformation and upgrading of some large agricultural enterprises is relatively better. however, as the smallest organization of agricultural enterprises, agricultural stores are facing more serious difficulties. at the present difficult time of agricultural management, how can agricultural stores survive and develop in the dilemma?
agricultural stores may be less able to withstand risks than large agricultural management organizations, but couples'stores also have the advantages of couples' stores, such as low operating risks, small boats and good turnaround; couples know each other well and work well together tacitly; from a cost perspective, couples'stores are managed by couples without employing people, without considering labor costs, and other agricultural enterprises. compared with wages, subsidies and commissions, it not only saves time and effort, but also saves most of the operating costs. this advantage is very obvious.
but at the same time, in the current fierce competition, couple stores are also facing great risks and shortcomings, as follows:
agricultural stores do not have strong brand awareness of what to earn and sell. agricultural stores are mostly focused on immediate interests, lack of product brand and product line planning, so they can do whatever they want, and sell whatever they earn and what they sell. in this way, the formation of their own brand and characteristics can not appeal to lock in farmers, but also can not attract the support of manufacturers.
agricultural stores are dominated by interests and products, and their terminal image is poorly shaped. without their own brand, they can not obtain customer recognition. most farm stores are like grocery stores, which are disorderly and even displayed everywhere. such stores are easy to arouse customer disgust, customer perceived value is not high.
because of the small scale, small sales volume and low brand awareness of agricultural stores, whoever has high profits and who gives me credit will sell whoever, it is difficult to obtain the support of manufacturers and agents, so it is difficult to grasp the use of more resources and develop and grow.
how do agricultural stores break through and transform?
1. upgrade the facade, improve the personnel and integrate into the organization.

we should change our small agricultural stores into big ones, redecorate them, rearrange them and get rid of the impression of grocery stores. we should recommend to join the larger and stronger agricultural chain organizations in the locality, and strengthen ourselves with the help of other big brands and resources.
only when a drop of water is put into the sea can it not disappear. only when a couple store with poor production capacity and poor competitiveness is integrated into a larger and stronger alliance can it not be swallowed up, and can it obtain the opportunity of production development.
2. from sitting in the shop to going out, to the farmer's field.
the nearest to farmers, the farther away from competition, the better to solve problems for customers, the customers will follow. sitting in the shop waiting for customers, waiting is not a guest, waiting is self-destruction, so-called "waiting for customers is equal to waiting for death". torture may die, but if you don't, you must die.
the worse the situation is, the more agricultural stores should go out. you can't be lazy if you want to survive. the more lazy your competitors are, the more diligent you are. from sitting businessmen to business businessmen, we can grow up only when we go out.
3. consolidate old customers and develop new ones.
agricultural stores can't eat the old ones, because whether you like it or not, your customers are always losing. therefore, on the one hand, couple stores should dig deep into customer needs, provide more accurate and high-quality technical guidance services to meet the old customers, consolidate the old customers, on the other hand, they should develop new customers to expand their influence and sales power. the situation is changing, the customers are changing, and the customers'needs are changing.
facing the changeable market and customer demand, agribusiness stores need to dig deep into the local market and scope, introduce the thinking mode of package fertilizer, not sell a product alone, but use the thinking of package, take crops as the center and match recommended fertilizer to increase competitiveness.

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