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【official website】agricultural distributor: can these ridges be carried over this year?-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-03-07
after years of development, agricultural dealers are currently experiencing three states: the first is to start from scratch and work hard, and finally achieve a little success, but everything must be done in person, internal to deal with all kinds of meetings, assignments, personnel management, communication manufacturers, logistics delivery, form checking, external to deal with all kinds of public relations, debt settlement, attract retailers, etc. maintenance terminal, experimental demonstration, etc., how a "tired" word;
the second is that the traditional distributors hold high the banner of transformation, only wear the coat of corporate reputation, the actual operation and management mode has not been thoroughly changed, unable to get rid of the pain of continuing struggle;
the third is that the future can only follow its natural course, can not be inherited, they are fed up with the pain in the process of distribution, can not bear to let the next generation continue to engage in agricultural industry like themselves, the market is too difficult to do, depending on manufacturers are too unstable, it has been a question of no answer whether it is small-scale struggle, or sustainable development.
the reality is so cruel, the future is doomed to shuffle, or optimize, or integrate, or transform, a long way to go, and many difficulties. previously prosperous market, suddenly do not know whether to take the left foot or the right foot, agricultural dealers are facing a new era of ambush on all sides, they are one by one across the front, full of pick-up, full of sword shadow and dagger light.
land shrinks and markets are invisibly divided
the battlefield is still the battlefield, but it feels smaller and smaller. in fact, the size of the market has not changed, and the space has not changed. market development, terminal power and dealer's own ability are swallowing up the space that dealers have occupied.
first, the main consumer transfer and traditional mainstream channels are divided, showing diversification, fragmentation and gridding. with the rise of service providers, grain banks, land trusteeship and large farmers, terminal changes have changed the way of trading, bypassing distributors and dealing directly with manufacturers.
second, the market is only poor, not focused, not able to form a leading position in the region, the number of competitors and product categories continue to increase, the site is wildly eroded by competitors. third, product homogeneity and market flattening make distributors lose control over good markets and products, and are constantly marginalized. the core areas are either divided or taken back by manufacturers.
reduced profits and high operating costs
profit is the basis of operation. without profit, let alone a well-off society, food and clothing are also a problem. market prices are transparent to the bare extent, operating costs remain high, dealers'profits are getting smaller and smaller, and it is difficult to earn a large price difference. distributors have been sandwiched between manufacturers and retailers, earning profits by discounts from manufacturers, while prices float to retailers to earn differential prices. the days of former distributors are relatively moist, and are now being gradually broken by the times.

the decrease of distributor's profit is not only an external environmental factor, but also related to the manufacturer and itself. market, manufacturer, distributor, retailer and consumer are all in a benefit chain, and any link affects the final profit. some distributors have problems such as unscientific management, irregular process, and disproportionate input and output, which have reduced profits. as a distributor, we must know and understand finance, otherwise in the era of thin profits like paper, survival will become a problem.
make a living by means
distributors spare no effort in promoting the magic tricks, a previous campaign or a poster can make sales soar, but now the propaganda car, smashing golden eggs, inviting expert platforms and other means, it is also difficult to make farmers heartbeat, all actions are to show the scenery, become the illusion of prosperity. if the distributor neglects the product itself, it is impossible to let the peasants pay for the money by exaggeration and false propaganda. if he wants to promote the product, he must be realistic and down-to-earth, and work hard on the products and services.
credit prevails, painful and exhausted
credit has become a problem that has plagued the distributors in the agricultural sales industry. many distributors have suffered and have no place to complain, suffocating internal injuries. credit is very common in the agricultural industry. if you don't, you will have your own descendants and rob your market and customers without any discussion. there are several reasons for the success of credit, one is that there is no money; the other is that we don't know the effect and want to see the result; the third is to attract customers, which is also the most important. as a distributor, it has become a sandwich cake. the manufacturer does not pay for the sandwich cake and does not deliver the sandwich cake. bitter than coptis chinensis.
talents are hard to find, the core issue of development
talent problem has always been a headache for dealers. there are three external reasons: first, the nature of the industry, and college graduates generally choose manufacturers and enterprises. secondly, many people feel that manufacturers have more prospects for development and better treatment than distributors. finally, the distributor managed to build himself into a sycamore tree, which attracted several people, but also because of various problems, leading to talent being digged or job-hopping platform.
to solve this problem, dealers need to pay attention to the internal reasons, there are six main points: firstly, the objectives of dealers are not clear; secondly, the selection and allocation of talent is more arbitrary; thirdly, the backward concept of talent only regards people as machines, but lacks sympathetic human management; fourthly, the development and training of employees are not valued; fifthly, the lack of communication and communication is only the arrangement of work; sixth, the management level is low, the demand is much, the offer is little. it's hard to recruit, to manage and to keep. dealers have to solve people's problems sooner or later. this is the core of development. no one can do it.
in recent years, distributors have been in a difficult position, the storm is very urgent, although a little chaotic, but the trend has been singing along the way, has been developing, recognize the situation, quickly start, learn to win in chaos, the future, agricultural distributors will highlight the encirclement, against the trend.

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