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【official website】technology and marketing, which can save agricultural retailers-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-07-12

there are two groups in the agricultural industry that are particularly interesting: those who are skilled do not look down on marketing as a starting point, and those who are marketing retailers are fooling growers. marketing, do not understand the technology, understand so many technologies, the final growers still do not buy your account.
since ancient times, scholars have looked down on each other. in fact, it seems that all the colleagues are like this. is it technology that can make retailer's business better or marketing that can make retailer's business better? this is not an antagonistic relationship at all, but a complementary one. people who have no logic think that they must not understand marketing if they have technology, and they must have no technology when they are engaged in marketing. the two relations are directly opposed. but those businesses that are doing very well, especially big, must have both.
in fact, the same is true of agricultural retailing. those who can only engage in marketing and activities, but the quality of products is not good, the technology is not good, and the business will not last forever; and those who engage in marketing, business is particularly good, and can continue to do well in one place, must not only be marketing, or gimmick. we should see the value behind them. otherwise, try marketing and see how many people will be fooled by you.
therefore, we should not look at marketing or technology in opposition, but from the perspective of complementarity.
you only know marketing, lack of technology, make up for technology, your business will be better;
you only know technology, and if you add some marketing, your business will surely grow super fast.
why do we have to stand against each other? those who know technology and look down on marketing, think that marketing is just a big fool, not very smart; similarly, those who can marketing, but do not go down to solid learning technology, will certainly not go far.
in this world, nothing is right or wrong; we don't look up to it more often because we can't or can't do it. what we disdain may often be what we desire in our hearts.
most people are such a strange loser, who clearly can't do it for themselves, and have to find all kinds of reasons to flaunt their independence. opening and closing is what i do, what i don't do, what i do, what i don't do. you really think the world revolves around you?
of course, your mouth can be free and hard, but how are you doing? you know it best in your heart. ignorance as personality is the most obvious label of loser.
therefore, to understand technology, we need to engage in marketing, not only to engage in, but also to kill those who can only engage in marketing; to understand marketing, we should also learn technology, to those who can only technology and do not know how to care for the experience of growers, to force no business.
technology and marketing are complementary, not antagonistic.
therefore, those who think they have technology will not be able to sell, and those who think that marketing is good, they must be unskilled, their minds are lacking.

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