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【official website】occupying land will become the ultimate way to occupy the agricultural market.-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-08-23

the real sense of an ordinary agricultural worker——
throughout the current agricultural market, a variety of products are abundant, and the price competition is getting lower and lower, which eventually leads to unprofitable products, leaving the stage of agricultural sales. in addition, the continuous increase of the state's control over agriculture has made it difficult for agrochemical enterprises to move forward. faced with the current situation, how to break through the predicament? how to seek a long-term sustainable development path? it is an unavoidable problem for every agricultural workers.
simply selling a product will eventually lead to a dead end. with the increasing aging of rural labor force, no one will be unable to engage in agricultural labor in the future. how to solve these problems is a problem that the state and every agricultural workers should consider. you can imagine what is the most perfect phenomenon. is that true? agricultural automation is highly developed. most of the agricultural labor has been replaced by machinery. every farmer's field has a bumper harvest. the seeds, pesticides and fertilizers that serve them are the best products with the best price. let farmers, less input, less labor, more output, more income.
achieving this ideal state is a very arduous and elaborate work, in which our agricultural workers play an irreplaceable role. complex things are simplified, simple things are organized and precise. agricultural production can be divided into land preparation, fertilization, sowing, irrigation, chemical control, harvesting, grain sales and ultimately produce economic benefits. the degree of mechanization in this work almost covers all, and the sole control is the first problem to be solved at present. with the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, with the emergence of plant protection uav, this problem will be overcome eventually, and a new agricultural era is coming.
traditionally, each person works 20 mu/day, and each uav works 400-500 mu/day, which is more than 20 times of the human work industry. unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) uses the strong wind field generated by blade rotation to turn the operating blade to the back (the stomata of crops are all on the back of the blade), and pressure the highly atomized droplets to the back of the blade. unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has a high degree of atomization, which greatly improves the utilization rate of pesticides, reduces the use of pesticides and water consumption, replaces the high-intensity labor force of the human work industry, and avoids direct contact with pesticides.
occupying land and building a high standard demonstration party suitable for uav operation (more than 50 mu of the same kind of crops) is the work that every grass-roots agricultural workers should do. this path also points out the direction for us in the current predicament of agricultural sales. whoever occupies the land in the future will occupy the market. let's imagine that manufacturers set up a department at the county level, a department at the county level at the village level, and a department at the village level at the land demonstration party under your jurisdiction. county-level service village-level, village-level service demonstration party ownership of individual farmers. so the next step for retailers is to refine your customer base. your target customer base is not every farmer who comes to you to buy pesticides, but the part of customers who can set up demonstration parties in your jurisdiction. this is the key customer. how to serve this part of customers well is the joint work of manufacturers, counties and villages.
with the maturity of plant protection technology, the increase of crop yield and income is controllable. the "godfather" of the agricultural sector has taught us a vivid lesson that almost all crops can increase production. it is very mature to formulate a plan for increasing the yield of all kinds of crops in the whole process. through the establishment of large-scale high-standard demonstration party, the use of plant protection uav, the implementation of a full-range crop yield increase program, so that farmers can get a higher output ratio, break through the predicament, rush out of the cage.
taking a county as an example, 50 village-level service stations have been established, and each village-level is responsible for setting up demonstration parties of more than 1000 mu. take wheat as an example, weeding at one time and applying medicine twice, applying medicine at the lowest three times. each village level calculates chemical control over 1000 mu at a single time per mu, each county is over 50,000 mu, and three times over 150,000 mu. whichever county-level customer you can control more than 15 mu of land at a single level, your agricultural sales are relevant. an agricultural enterprise can have hundreds of such county-level customers, and your sales should also create a sales myth! ____________ become the next godfather.
agricultural technology, farm clothing and agricultural resources will be combined to occupy land, which will constitute an indestructible sales network.

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