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【official website】how to get out of the low price whirlpool-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2020-05-11

product price is a problem that cannot be ignored in product sales! whether many people are thinking or even anxious before taking a nap or going to bed, always worrying about the price of the same trade compared to you, worrying about the farmers saying that you are black hearted and the things you sell are expensive! especially some protective agents, most farmers will not find obvious effect after using. farmers will think that every shop selling agricultural materials is the same! go to whoever is cheap! selling agricultural materials is not even as good as the vegetable market, because most of the market can directly see the quality of vegetables! if you and farmers explain that the price difference is closely related to the product manufacturer, technology, etc., most of the time, it makes farmers more disgusted!
how to break through the dilemma and escape the price? in an agricultural material shop in inner mongolia, potato, sunflower and other crops are mainly planted in the area, and the level of drug use is low. almost every agricultural material shop is operating, even chemical fertilizer and agricultural machinery shop are selling, and the prices are uneven. can we avoid the vortex of low prices? share with you! classification of customer groups, understanding of service groups, and which groups to choose for their own customers
class i: wandering edge class
the planting area is not large, and the agricultural inputs are low. we pay special attention to the price of agricultural means of production, and the low price is the highest. we wish we could turn all the agricultural material stores over again. we tend to be on the edge of profit, small profit and loss in planting. the maximum input-output ratio is calculated, and the overall age is too large, most of them are over 55 years old, or do some odd jobs. planting is only a sideline, in terms of itself it's hard to change the concept! because all cheap goods are used, and the electricity charge for watering is reluctant, there is no good income! it's a kind of farmers who are gradually eliminated! method: don't try to change him! to sell some low-cost products, especially 80% of the farmers in this area! slowly to point with the influence of face!
category ii: family profit
good planting level, make a living by planting, focus on this, age between 35-55, can accept new ideas, adhere to scientific planting, have good profits every year, planting area is medium, mainly for their own and family planting, have better information channels, pay attention to excellent agricultural materials, select products with beneficial effects and final income, often pay more attention to the cost performance and improvement of products the technical demand of overall income is the most concerned type of farmers in the management of agricultural materials. methods: to provide regular and excellent agricultural products with high cost performance, provide technical support that is helpful to the income, establish the sticky relationship of trust, and even charge the service fee appropriately
category iii: investment profit
large planting area, partnership or company form operation, large overall investment, profitable continuous operation, non profitable 3-year bankruptcy. risk control is the main consideration, sensitive to the brand and price of products, fierce competition among suppliers and even supply by manufacturers. most of them obtain agricultural products in the form of competitive bidding. effective management experience personnel are needed, and the demand for management personnel is greater than the acquisition of products. most of them have a credit period. often become the leader of local planting! methods: with capital and network resources, through the rich and low gross profit products into the supply channel, establish a proper and stable supply relationship! whether we can get out of the vortex of low price depends on the customer group we are facing, continuous learning, highlighting our own advantages, improving the aspects that are not enough, and paying attention to word-of-mouth marketing. even in the face of vicious price competition, we are still in the mood, that is, there is wind and rivers!

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