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【official website】the price war has been eliminated. in the future, the value war of agricultural materials must be fought!-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2020-07-10

at present, pesticide and fertilizer are all in negative growth. it is no longer realistic to continue to pursue production with small profits and high sales. in addition, many county-level distributors have died on the road of continuous growth. for example, some large enterprises in the fertilizer industry exert great pressure to keep increasing their production. if the dealers fail to reach the target, they will cut the regions of the agents and distribute them to several towns. the new agents will lower the prices, and the original dealers will follow suit. in the end, no one can do it go out to interview, interview a county's largest fertilizer dealers actually do not want to do agricultural materials industry, want to do real estate!
therefore, if the agricultural materials industry pursues the output to increase profits, it may be effective in a short time, but it is certainly unsustainable for a long time. after all, agricultural materials are the means of production, which are used by growers to make money, not fast consumer goods. for example, fertilizer with the original price of 100 is sold for 200. as long as it can bring value to the grower and make him make money, he will not be too expensive, but your fertilizer is not effect, sell 20, he will feel you pit it!
the value war, especially in the fertilizer industry, is more obvious! china's planting area reached the peak in 2015, and then decreased every year. the most direct impact of the decline of planting area is the continuous decline of traditional fertilizer sales, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer! however, the growth rate of water-soluble fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and biostimulant is increasing, and even the growth rate of bio organic fertilizer and biological stimulant is about 14%, which is very amazing.
moreover, as a dealer, selling a ton of traditional fertilizer not only has to carry it home to customers and send it to the fields, but also has to work hard to earn 100-300 yuan. however, selling special fertilizer and new fertilizer can earn thousands of yuan per ton. therefore, some retailers who have tasted the sweetness are still enthusiastic about selling special fertilizer!
but selling special fertilizer is not the same as selling traditional fertilizer. traditional fertilizer is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which is a large amount of elements and plants need. therefore, dealers are generally just the porters of fertilizers. as long as they can get the goods from the manufacturers and sell them to farmers. however, special fertilizer is not the case. special fertilizer has special functions. retailers should first find out the pain points and demand points of growers, and then sell them corresponding special fertilizers to solve the problems. for example, during the late spring cold period, the retailers should explain the selling point clearly and the value it can produce, so that the growers can believe in it. therefore, the future marketing mainly focuses on the value, and the main direction of future marketing is to interpret the selling points of the products to the growers!
therefore, in the future, we must focus on the value war. price war can be used as an auxiliary behavior, but it can no longer be used as a main means. we must go to the ground more, help farmers find pain points, and then find products to help farmers solve problems, so as to create value for farmers.
creating value for farmers is the main theme of the future agricultural materials industry!

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