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【official website】how to improve the profit of agricultural materials dealers?-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2020-07-17

under the current downturn, the ecological environment of agricultural materials dealers is extremely bad. on the one hand, the market of agricultural products continues to decline, and the enthusiasm of growers to purchase and use high-quality agricultural materials is greatly reduced. on the other hand, the vicious competition among dealers in the same industry has made the profits of agricultural materials dealers drop again and again, reaching below the freezing point for a time.
so, in this case, as a distributor of agricultural materials, how to improve their profits?
1、 plan your own product line.
1. clear the inventory. don't take time to clear the overstocked goods and funds in the warehouse. the more garbage, the greater the impact on yourself, so make sure to clear the old garbage products as soon as possible, otherwise it will be a disaster sooner or later. for some expired but not expired products can also take the way of free delivery (remember, do not give free, most people will think that free products are not good things).
2. agent (build) star products and flow products. high profit must be linked with high quality, so agricultural distributors must have 1-2 star flow products. star products have a certain popularity in the market. products with high popularity will naturally attract the attention and use of some high-end customers, so you should have one or two star products in the market.
3. mature products have small profits and high sales. although many people say that small profits and quick turnover is a false proposition, it is extremely effective. after a long period of sales, the price and profit of star products will gradually become transparent and become popular mature products. mature products have a wide range of market cognition, which can meet the needs of ordinary customers. mature products market sales, a wide range of audiences, through small profits and quick sales (cash transactions) can not only meet the needs of customers, but also achieve our cash flow.
4. cultivate new products. if we say that star products are children of others' families, and star products are wedding dresses for enterprises, then you should cultivate your own children. starting from the actual situation of its own market and crops, cultivating a new and cutting-edge product is also to pave the way for its future.
2、 reconstruct sales channels.
in a sense, the reconstruction of sales channels means self revolution. the channel of agricultural materials dealers is not unchangeable, with the change of time, the highlight of value and the transformation and upgrading of sales and service. the previous generation, the second generation and the third generation may seriously restrict our development. at this time, we may need to evolve, upgrade and cut off the existing sales channels, rectify and upgrade the channel providers that meet our requirements or meet our requirements, and resolutely cut down those that do not meet the requirements or refuse to cooperate. we must show the courage and courage of a strong man, or we will fall short. this is not only the channel, but also the selection and elimination of cooperative customers. high quality and close cooperation should be strengthened, and those with low sales volume, low profit contribution rate and poor cooperation degree should be resolutely abandoned and replaced.
3、 from the supply of agricultural products to the management and sales of high-quality agricultural products.
in the whole agricultural chain, the proportion of agricultural products is not heavy, which is about 10%, while the profit of agricultural products is much higher, about 60 ~ 80%. therefore, if the distributors of agricultural materials can get involved in the deep processing and sales of agricultural products, then our profits will certainly increase by more than n times on the basis of the profits of agricultural materials. of course, the premise is that you need to help farmers grow high-quality agricultural products, and there are sales channels for agricultural products. in addition, it can be expanded in flight control, mechanical farming and harvesting.
4、 reduce hidden cost input.
the company's operating costs are divided into hard costs and hidden costs. among them, the hard costs such as personnel wages, vehicle maintenance, site rent, loan interest, water and electricity charges, equipment depreciation and so on are obvious fixed costs. in addition, there are many hidden costs, such as product damage, goods return and exchange, credit, slow down of employees, staff turnover, customer loss, compensation for pesticide and fertilizer damage, low turnover rate of market customer development, unplanned work, and blindness, etc. in the eyes of many agricultural distributors, they will think that they are trivial matters, but they do not know it is this these seemingly trivial things add up to a lot, and add up to a tower. in the end, they increase consumption, reduce efficiency, raise costs and swallow up profits!
5、 learn to make good use of the resources of manufacturers.
it is a common practice for most manufacturers to send salesmen to dealers. so, as a dealer, do you make good use of the salesman of the manufacturer? good use can give you a lot of convenience in terms of price, payment period, rebate, etc.; if you do not make good use of it, it is very likely that there will be slow down, cross-over with your salesman, etc. some dealers regard the business personnel of the manufacturer as imperial ministers, and they are afraid that the service provided by the manufacturer's staff is not good enough to wear their own shoes. this is not right. you should go deep into the front line of the market together with the manufacturer's personnel, fully and carefully understand the products, competitive products, customer demand and market potential, work together with the manufacturer to make a practical operation plan, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, combine with each other, and provide in-depth marketing services to break new sales records!
6、 establish learning awareness and promote learning action.
learning ability is the ability to earn money, learning ability is the competitiveness. the times are advancing and science and technology are developing. only with the continuous learning of team members can we make continuous progress. only continuous learning can master new knowledge, only continuous learning can continuously create value for customer problem solving, and only continuous learning can ensure the team to flow new blood and vitality. therefore, as a distributor of agricultural materials, you should take the lead in learning and urge your team to strengthen learning!
don't complain that our current agricultural materials business is not easy to do, it is because our previous agricultural materials business is too easy to do; do not complain that the current customers and users are too difficult to serve, it is because they have improved and their demand has increased; don't complain that our profit is very low or even no more, in fact, our profit is just scattered from the original agricultural products to all aspects!

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