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in 1996

originated from henan nongda research center for auxiliaries

in 1996

high-content azone was the first to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

in 1999

high-purity sodium nitrophenol was awarded at the chemical import and export fair.

in 2002

98% diethylaminoethanol hexanoate (da-6) was launched.

in 2004

the high-purity synthesis technology of 5-nitroguaiacol sodium won the henan science and technology achievement award.

in 2005

sodium cyclic guanosine was successfully developed and applied in agriculture.

in 2007

jointly developed beta-cyhalothrin with shanghai institute of pharmaceutical inspection.

in 2008

zhengzhou nongda biochemical zhongmou industrial park entered full production.

in 2009

the annual production line of chlormequat was put into operation.

in 2012

jointly developed bio-fermentation products with zhengzhou university.

in 2013

160 million yuan was invested to establish mengzhou nongda biochemical industrial park.

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