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specification: 200g/bottle x 30 bottles/box formulation: water agent
product description:
this product is a high-tech product processed by advanced technology of biochelating technology. it is an efficient and broad-spectrum plant nutrient conditioner. it contains alginic acid, rhizome expansion factor, omnipotent nutrient elements and biological anti-pathogenic elements. it can effectively regulate the growth balance of sweet potato plants, maximize photosynthesis, and promote the nutrient transformation from sweet potato to tuber root. moving, expanding and fast rhizome can effectively control the vigorous growth of sweet potato, promote nutrient flow to root, increase chlorophyll content, improve leaf assimilation ability, promote the development of root system, plant robust and dwarfing, and significantly improve yield and quality are the best products for vigorous control of sweet potato.
usage method:
in the early stage of expansion, the sweet potato should be diluted 300-400 times (200-300 times diluted when it grows vigorously and rains are frequent). the page should be sprayed evenly and sprayed wetly.
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