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【official website】removing insects no. 4-凯时娱乐ks

product characteristics:
this product is a broad-spectrum insecticide with strong contact and stomach toxicity, fast insecticidal speed, strong penetration, lasting for up to 15 days, rain erosion resistance. it has good killing effect on chewing pests and puncture-sucking pests.
applicable object:
garden seedlings, flowers, lawns, etc.
control targets:
american white moth, spiny moth, curtain caterpillar, yellow poplar silk borer, meadow borer, caterpillar, aphid, planthopper, leafhopper, netbug and so on.
usage method:
to prevent chewing pests, use this product to dilute 800-1200 times liquid (that is, 160 kg -240 kg of water) to spray evenly. when controlling the stab type pests, use this product to dilute 1000-1500 times liquid (that is, add water 200 kg -300 kg) to spray evenly.
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