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【official website】removing insects no. 3-凯时娱乐ks

product characteristics:
this product is a new type of strong green environmental protection underground insecticide developed meticulously for lawns, flowers and seedlings. it has strong touch killing, stomach poisoning and fumigation effects. when applied to the soil, it can release energy quickly, kill various underground pests, and have long-lasting efficacy and easy to use. it has good insecticidal effect on underground pests such as ground tigers (earth tigers, small earth tigers, yellow earth tigers), crickets (crickets in north china, african crickets), grubs (larvae of scarab), golden needles (needles in trenches, needles in brooches), ants, etc. the insecticide is not easy to produce resistance and is environmentally friendly.
usage method:
1. direct spraying: 4-6 kg per mu of this product, so that the spraying uniformity;
2. sand mixing and spraying: use 3-5 kg of this product per mu, mix it with sand and evenly sprinkle it into the soil. use before raining, or after watering, so that water is sufficient, so that the liquid can fully contact with pests.
matters needing attention:
1. medication must penetrate the root of lawn.
2. grubs generally have a suitable temperature of 18-23 degrees celsius, too high or too low will move deep into the soil. therefore, when conventional dosage is used at high or low temperatures, the solution can not contact the worms, and the efficacy of medication is poor at this time.
3. store in a cool and dry place.
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