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【official website】basic knowledge of water-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-05-15
water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements is a kind of water-soluble fertilizer which integrates many elements together. it contains a large number of nutrients and can provide essential nutrients for plants. it can dissolve in water quickly, and make plants absorb elements better.
water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements has many advantages, such as multiple nutrients, complete dissolution, high efficiency absorption, safety and convenience. the effect is obvious and fast. moreover, the impurities of water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements are very few, and the concentration is very convenient to adjust. even for young seedlings, it is safe, without worrying about the adverse consequences such as burning seedlings. trace elements in water-soluble fertilizers are chelated, and their absorption and utilization efficiency is about 40 times that of inorganic trace elements. there is no need to worry about the symptoms of nutrient deficiency in crops.
generally speaking, as a water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements, it can apply fertilizer on leaves, dip seeds in roots, and irrigate. irrigation includes sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. it can save water, fertilizer and plant absorption. in foliar fertilization, the fertilizer is first diluted and dissolved in water for foliar spraying, or is dissolved in water with non-strong alkali and strong acid pesticides for uniform foliar spraying. through foliar stomata, the plant can absorb nutrients through the leaves, which greatly improves the efficiency of fertilizer absorption and utilization.
application characteristics of water-soluble fertilizer with large elements in agricultural production
characteristic 1: rich nutrition and simple application
a large amount of water-soluble fertilizer is rich in 12 nutrients which are necessary for crops. its scientific and rational ratio and continuous application can effectively enhance plant resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases while ensuring high yield and good quality. the super water solubility of a large amount of water-soluble element fertilizer will not produce insoluble fertilizer residue, and will not block the drip irrigation sprinkler. at the same time, a large amount of water-soluble element fertilizer can greatly improve the absorption and utilization rate of fertilizer. water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements can be used as foliar fertilizer by irrigation, drip irrigation, and other fertilizers are not needed during the whole process of topdressing, which saves the trouble of fertilizer selection; they are small in size and light in weight, and can be easily operated by women and the elderly.
characteristics 2: 100% water-soluble, non-blocking
water soluble fertilizer is 100% soluble. water-soluble fertilizer can be dissolved 100% in water. good solubility can make it leave no residue in the pool and irrigation pipe, avoid pipeline blockage, and be applied to all fertilization systems. water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements can be used as foliar fertilizer spraying. iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other trace elements in water-soluble fertilizer series products exist in chelating form, which can fully meet the needs of crops in the growth process. water-soluble fertilizers do not contain sulphur, chlorine and other harmful elements to plant roots and can be applied sustainably.
characteristic 3: scientific proportioning, mixable application
the high solubility of water-soluble fertilizer makes it an ideal choice for various fertilization systems, and the application of concentrated solution is simple. a variety of pesticides can be mixed with water-soluble fertilizers at the same time, which can prevent the hydrolysis of most pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thus saving labor and time. water-soluble fertilizer uses a unique process, a large number of elements of water-soluble fertilizer in water solubility, conductivity, ph stability, uniform color, particle size, to maintain the same, for high-quality fertilizer. strict quality control system can ensure that the nutrients in this product can meet the predetermined standards, make the ratios of various nutrients reasonable and accurate, and provide reasonable and balanced nutrients for plants.
characteristic 4: safe application can improve fertilizer utilization rate
water-soluble fertilizer with a large amount of water-soluble elements is irrigated with water, so it makes fertilization extremely uniform, which also lays a solid foundation for improving yield and quality. water-soluble fertilizers are generally less impurities, low conductivity, and easy to adjust the concentration of water-soluble fertilizers, so they are safe even for young seedlings, without worrying about the adverse consequences such as burning seedlings. water and fertilizer integration is an integrated management of soil, water and fertilizer under the condition of irrigation and fertilization.
in this case, fertilizer should be applied for water. in the past, water-soluble fertilizer mainly refers to foliar spraying, but in the future, if it is developed from a small amount of auxiliary fertilizer to a large amount of major element fertilizer, there will be new ideas and new management methods, and new requirements for chemical fertilizer composition and formula. in the future, the focus of fertilizer development and plant nutrition research should not only focus on nutrient content, but also on the scientific combination of nutrient forms. at the same time, we should study the mutual transformation of different nutrient forms and the effect of the application of auxiliaries on crop nutrient absorption, transformation and fertilizer utilization. at present, the integration of water and fertilizer is not only applied to cash crops, but also to field crops.

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