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【official website】fruit tree calcium supplementation golden period, stop cracking fruit! we must seize the opportunity!-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-06-06
calcium is an essential nutrient for plant growth. it has many physiological functions, and affects the growth and development of crops and the formation of fruit quality in many ways.
we know that calcium is very important not only for people, but also for fruit trees. it is almost as important as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
when should calcium be supplemented?
calcium uptake peaks three times a year in fruit trees
for the first time, about 20 to 30 days after flowering, about 30% of calcium can be accumulated in this period. it is suggested that both calcium and boron should be supplemented.
during the second fruit expansion period, about 50% of the total calcium could be absorbed during this period.
for the third time, about 20-30 days before fruit harvesting, the calcium absorbed during this period can meet the demand for calcium for fruit tree growth next spring as far as possible.
it is advocated to supplement calcium to the roots at the three peak periods of calcium absorption, so as to improve the concentration and application quality of calcium.
what is the harm of calcium deficiency in fruit trees?
1. calcium deficiency in plants can result in curling deformity of apical buds, lateral buds and root tips.
2. short plant, sticky growth point, decay, death, curl, deformity, chlorosis of young leaves, necrosis of new leaf margin.
3. calcium deficiency in fruit trees weakens nitrogen metabolism and nutrient transport, which is not conducive to the absorption of ammonia nitrogen and hinders cell division.
4. fruit cracking, fruit tree yield and quality decline.
therefore, it is necessary to supply calcium to fruit trees as early as possible.
how to correct calcium supplement? the correct way to supplement calcium is to combine the application of calcium fertilizer in soil with the application of calcium fertilizer on leaf surface.
soil application of calcium fertilizer leaf spraying of calcium fertilizer
soil application of calcium fertilizer:
soil application of calcium fertilizer is the most important and main measure to supplement calcium, which must be paid attention to.
there are many kinds of calcium fertilizers applied in soil, such as superphosphate, gypsum, calcium magnesium phosphate, oyster shell powder and so on.
calcium supplementation on leaf surface:
when supplementing calcium fertilizer on leaf surface, attention should be paid to the selection of varieties with good absorption effect and reasonable fertilization period. calcium requirement is very high in fruit trees at flowering and fruiting stages, which is the most critical period of calcium supplementation.
therefore, spraying calcium fertilizer must start before flowering, and be supplemented in time from young fruit stage to picking stage, spraying 3-5 times continuously.
because of the poor mobility of calcium in plants, it is important to spray calcium fertilizer on the leaves of fruits and adjacent fruits.
in addition to supplementing in three important periods of fruit trees, the following points should be done well in order to achieve the best effect of calcium supplementation.
matters needing attention
1. control and regulate the soil acidity and alkalinity (ph value) and keep it between 5 and 7. because the acidity and alkalinity between 5 and 7 is the best acidity and alkalinity for crops to absorb any nutrients.
2. combination of soil application of calcium fertilizer and leaf spraying of calcium. calcium base fertilizer is beneficial to the storage of trees and greatly reduces the symptoms of calcium deficiency in fruit trees in the coming year. the ideal calcium supplementation effect can be achieved only after 3 times of calcium spraying on leaves after flowering.
3. fruit tree management is very important.
after bagging, if there is a continuous rainy day for 3 to 5 days, timely ventilation and spraying of calcium can reduce the calcium deficiency symptoms caused by the heavy consumption of calcium in fruit trees.
the amount of nitrogen fertilizer must be reasonable, too much nitrogen fertilizer will lead to serious calcium deficiency. nitrogen fertilizer was banned 20 days before harvesting, which would greatly improve the quality of fruit.

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