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【official website】4% gibberellic acid ec-凯时娱乐ks

specification: 100ml/bottle *100 bottles/box 500ml/bottle *20 bottles/box 1000ml/bottle *12 bottles/box
product performance (use):
this product is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. it can promote cell, stem elongation, leaf enlargement, parthenocarpy, fruit growth, break seed dormancy, change the ratio of male and female flowers, affect flowering time, reduce the shedding of flowers and fruits. it can improve the fruit setting rate and increase the fruit, and has a good effect on improving the yield of citrus.
use of technology and methods:
crops (scope): citrus trees
control object: promoting fruit growth
dosage of preparation: 1300-2000 times liquid
usage: spray
four advantages:
1. the content is higher and the effect is better: compared with the 3% content products commonly used in the market, the content of nongda 920 is 4%, which is equivalent to 25% increase of effective ingredients.
2. primary drug manufacturers, cost advantages: the advantages of self-produced original drugs, the addition of price increases, 4% of the content of products sold according to the market price of 3% content, grabbing equal to earning.
3. mother liquor extraction, more complete effect: nongda 920 is directly extracted from biological fermentation mother liquor. besides ga3, the effective ingredients are also rich in ga4 7 and other beneficial factors, with more stable performance, more comprehensive effect and more prominent effect.
4. good emulsifying effect, safety and efficiency: nongda 920 chooses imported emulsifier with uniform water distribution, stable performance, non-stratification, easy absorption, good effect and safety.
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