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product performance:
this product is a highly effective, low toxicity, and has a certain role in internal absorption and osmosis, with the role of plant protection and treatment of root diseases. it can not only prevent and cure root diseases, but also promote root recovery, promote the germination of new effective roots, and improve the disease resistance and rejuvenation ability of seedlings.
functional characteristics:
1. it has strong internal absorption and high permeability, and is absorbed by roots rapidly after application of pesticides.
2. use during transplantation can promote wound healing and effectively prevent root diseases.
the object of prevention:
it has good treatment and prevention effect on root rot, black shank, standing blight, verticillium wilt and other common diseases of seedlings, flowers and lawns.
usage method:
it is better to dilute 600-800 times before or at the beginning of the disease and irrigate the roots of plants with 2-3 consecutive use intervals of 7-10 days. when the weather is dry, the amount of water can be increased appropriately.
matters needing attention:
1. it should not be mixed with strong acid and alkaline fertilizers.
2. if the medicament touches the skin or eyes carelessly, it should be washed with plenty of clean water immediately. if you accidentally take it, please see a doctor immediately.
3. store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
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