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【official website】introduction of short and over-凯时娱乐ks

introduction of short and high yield products of wheat
product characteristics:
aiming at the problems of wheat growth in early stage, which is susceptible to freezing injury, dry and hot wind and lodging in later stage, this product is specially developed for controlling wheat growth, increasing yield and resisting lodging by rational compatibility of plant growth promoter and retarder after years of experimental research.
1. reducing plant height, promoting root growth, and stout stalks to prevent lodging in later stage;
2. promote effective tillering, increase seed setting rate and increase yield.
3. improve the resistance of wheat to cold and hot and dry wind.
4. it can be mixed with non-alkaline herbicides.
usage method:
in wheat turning green and jointing stage, use this product 15-30kg per bag and spray evenly on the page.

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