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【official website】fertilizer efficiency test of yooxi spraying formula on tomato in winter greenhouse (flowering and fruiting period)-凯时娱乐ks

crops: tomatoes
drug application period: flowering and fruit setting period
test site: baisha village, baisha town, zhongmou county
test shed owner: mr. wang tel: 18300664931
participants wang haiting, lu zhenyong and wang jiaxuan
test date: 11 january 2018; 18 january 2018
product description: compared with traditional fertilizers, yoxy has added sodium humate and da-6 on the basis of containing a large number of essential elements n, p, k. humic acid can not only improve soil structure, enhance soil microbial activity, but also increase fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer use efficiency. da-6 is an efficient plant growth regulator which can accelerate plant photosynthesis, enhance stress resistance and regulate the balance of plant endogenous hormones.
i. test purpose
through the test results, the effect of yoroxx spraying formula on tomato growth promotion and strong plant cultivation was verified, and the scientific basis for the field popularization and application of the product was provided.
ii. test materials
pharmaceutical: uloxfam
contrast: clear water
pesticide applicators: small sprayer (1l), small bucket (5l)
iii. test methods
3.1 dose setting
the experimental treatments included foliar spraying and root irrigation. each treatment was diluted 300 times and 500 times respectively. because the capacity of the test equipment is 1l and 5l respectively, the liquid configuration is 3.3ml, 2ml, 16.7ml and 10ml respectively.
3.2 test steps
four ridges of tomatoes growing normally near the middle of the greenhouse were selected and sprayed 300 times 500 times and irrigated roots from west to east. the greenhouse tomatoes we selected were planted in the north and south with about 25 plants per row in two rows. the spraying treatment was to spray the whole ridge evenly, and the irrigation treatment was to irrigate the whole row in the west of the ridge evenly.
3.3 investigation methods and contents
method of investigation: five-point sampling method was used and five points (5 trees per point) were investigated for each treatment.
contents of the survey: plant height, fruit setting, flowering number, whether flowering ahead of time, leaf color
iv. results of investigation
effects on the growth of tomato plants
description: the greenhouse tomato planting area is 1 mu.
note: the formula of flushing fertilizer used in honda tomatoes should be used normally according to the time of fertilization, and foliar fertilizer should be used.
before the first use, the growth of tomatoes in the control area was basically the same as that in the experimental area. after the first use of yoxy, the height of plants diluted 300 times by yoxy was higher than that in the clear water area, the stem was thicker, the leaves were greener, flowering 2-3 days earlier, bearing more flowers and fruits, and the fruit was bigger. (2) tomatoes treated with 300-fold and 500-fold yooxfam sprayed in another experimental control area showed obvious fruit setting.
summary: 1: compared with irrigation with clear water, irrigation with 300 times dilution of oxfam could significantly promote the growth of tomato in greenhouse in winter, and make the plant taller, stronger stem, more flowers and fruits. 2: compared with spraying 500 times liquid, spraying 300 times liquid has better effect and better effect of increasing production. in conclusion, spraying or irrigation with 300 times liquid of oxfam has better effect, so oxfam is a good product worthy of popularization and is also an escort for increasing production and harvest.

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