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【official website】fruit setting test of nonda gibberellin on chinese jujube-凯时娱乐ks

test crop: xinjiang grey jujube
drug application time: june 15
experimental reagents: nongda 1000 times liquid gibberellin, compound nongda jujube fruit setting, boron fertilizer, with clear water as control
pesticide application: 15kg electric sprayer
test site: south xinjiang industrial park
survey time: june 28, 2017
experimenter: wang jiaxuan, xinjiang regional manager, nongda pharmaceutical department
the experiment design and method: spraying 1 000 times liquid gibberellin and water on the leaf respectively. on june 15, when the jujube tree entered its full blooming stage, the first spraying began. on june 28, the number of fruit set on the jujube suspension fixed by the branch was observed.
results and discussion: the experimental results showed that the fruit setting rate of xinjiang grey jujube was significantly higher than that of the control, and the effect was obvious. nongda gibberellin has obvious effect on improving fruit setting rate, quality and commodity value of jujube fruit.

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