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【official website】observation on the effect of wheat yield increase of younaite-凯时娱乐ks

release time:2019-06-12

on-site production monitoring and observation meeting of younaite
time: 16:00 on may 30, 2019
location: jianqiao town, fucheng county
objects for yield measurement: the same wheat varieties, planting period and management;
usage: each bottle of 100 grams of yogurt mixed with 15 kg of water was sprayed once at the green-back stage and booting stage of wheat, twice in total.
methods and results of labor measurement:
two growers were randomly selected to weigh 18 spikes of wheat in the fields of yogurt and control.
controlled field: 43.9g
yogurt usage field: 65.7g
weight gain of 21.8 g per 18 ears!
according to the calculation of 400,000 plants per mu,
weight gain: 400,000 ears divided by 18 ears multiplied by 21.8 g = 484.4 kg (ear weight of wheat)
remove 70% (generally 60%) of the water in the ear and the weight of the bark.
yield increase per mu: 484.4 x 0.3 = 145.3 kg
the price of wheat is calculated at 2.2 yuan/kg.
increase in income per mu: 145.3 x 2.2 = 319.7 yuan.
facts once again prove that younaite is increasing production!!!

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